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Warning! Are you implementing SAP in your organization?

Please read this FREE report that explains the “10 Essential SAP Change Management” before starting the process!

Have you noticed that your SAP implementation isn’t going well or like it should?

I help companies having problems implementing SAP whether it’s project, process, or people related.

Most people know me from Apple Computer, and several other start-ups, but more recently the successful Business Technology and SAP Consulting Company I founded back in the nineties.

I’ve worked for major big name clients, but also smaller Fortune 1000 companies, even start-ups.

I’ve consulted with them and helped them implement SAP and make the necessary changes required in achieving business benefits.

So, I know I can help you too.

If you are really committed to taking action and prepared to make hard decisions then I’m confident we can work together.

Barrie Day
Chief of SAP Performance Improvement

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