SAP Change Management

The process of implementing SAP inevitably involves the process of initiating Change in any situation is often a struggle between the leadership and people trying to preserve the status quo. Fear and loss drive the degree of resistance one can anticipate. It is important at the outset to really explain the driving force for the change and to listen to the concerns of the people impacted.

It is also important to explain the Change cycle that typically occurs. From this a Communication Plan and Stakeholder Assessment can be used to measure the types of resistance and from where and a process of engagement used to enable the change to be effective by a greater understanding of those affected.

We provide this as part of our Change Management Framework.

In our multiple SAP implementations and turnarounds, we have rarely encountered issues with the SAP software.

Most of the issues have been around level of involvement, purpose, value, commitment, communication, and behavior.

Therefore the “change management” aspects are essential to get right to avoid the above mentioned challenging issues.

Executives are hoping for a magic bullet. There isn’t one. But this is the closest.

Often the technical SAP side dominates the narrative and for business people their eyes glaze over and they turn off. To connect with those impacted requires a very different language which is part of the framework we have developed based on behavioral science and is part of the reason for our success.

Because we involve the business in a step by step program, using their language they become involved, motivated and become a defining part of the project success.

We are often find local Heroes that help. Heroes without a title. People who care.

This approach address’s those impacted, their hopes, fears and dreams and we communicate in their language and address their unspoken concerns.

It’s WHY we use a different framework when implementing SAP.

We implement SAP AND get Business Results.

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